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Cancer Fleece Club Gift Card
Cancer Fleece Club Gift Card

Cancer Fleece Club Gift Card

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In partnership with Young Lives vs Cancer and Cancer Fund for Children we are bringing functional fashion to young people (13-24) on cancer treatment in Northern Ireland.

Cancer Fleece club is a monthly group run by Young Lives vs Cancer and Cancer Fund for Children where young people on cancer treatment can design their own fleeces that accounts for PICC and Hickman lines.

From fabrics and fit, to trims and final touches, zippers or poppers on the sleeves for access to lines, you’ll have your say every step of the way.

During this hour long experience, we’ll start with mood boards and fabric swatches to get some inspiration. You can also try on some sample sizes get your right fit, and dig for gold through our zips, trims, cuffs and fabrics to find just what makes up your perfect fleece. Together, we’ll then sketch up your fleece and complete your tech pack ready for production.

That’s your hard work over, we’ll work our magic for the rest and within 4 weeks we’ll have your fleece made up and on it’s way to you.

What’s included in the fleece club experience?
  • Moodboards and fabric swatches for inspiration
  • Your choice of style, fit and colour of fleece (choice between pullover or half zip)
  • Fleece delivered to your door (UK postage included)
  • Official Fleece Club membership card
Oh, and the first rule of cancer fleece club? We ALWAYS talk about cancer fleece club.

wanna see more about how the experience will go? Check it out here!

Our Cancer Fleece Club takes place at Amy's House, 26 College Gardens, Belfast, BT9 6BS once a month. Please contact Simon Darby (Young Lives vs Cancer) 07917647695 or Lucy Forde (Cancer Fund for Children) 07581049037 to find out when the next fleece club is happening. 

If you are purchasing as a gift for someone, please contact Simon or Lucy to get the young person signed up. Feel free to leave a message for the recipient at checkout!